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The Girl Next Door in Saint Louis, MO with Reviews -

But what makes The Girl Next Door stand out from the rest is the superb cast. He decides that he'll do anything to get her back, including taking on Kelly, the porn industry, and some very weird people. MikieMD 3 February The Girl Next Door is just simply an entertaining movie. Luke Greenfield has directed a movie that is so well liked and cherished, that I have never heard a bad thing against this film I'm 17, and all my friends, guys and girls, loved it. The Girl Next Door In a world wrought with unoriginal and humor-lacking teen movies, The Girl Next Door provides a beacon of light. Eli, the local porn king, thinks he sexually knows it all, however, even the slightest sexual conduct, and he turns and runs i. The chemistry between Hirsch and Cuthbert is magical, and despite her gigantic sex appeal, the character of Danielle is so lovable for how sweet and caring she is to Matt. With the help of April, he breaks through this, gaining a silent reputation for the prominence of his manhood. It's got plenty of flaws - almost every single scene of the second half of the film seems to act as the climax, and then the movie keeps going - but it's also got one of the most appealing casts I've seen in a while. In a few one word sentences, The Girl Next Door is I recommend this movie to anyone from the ages of 13 to 30, because this is the age group it is intended for. One of his best friends, Eli the hilarious Chris Marquette , who is a massive porn addict, goes through his collection, and finds a tape Turns out, Danielle had just quit her job as a porn star and decided to turn over a new leaf. This time round the storyline singular is that a guy suddenly realizes that his pen pal is a girl and sets of on a several thousand mile trip to profess his undying love.. Everything is going fantastic, because he even gets accepted to Georgetown. The movie's ending is so great and funny that you can't help but enjoy, not to mention mysterious, keeping you hanging by a thread the whole way through. I own it on DVD, and have watched it at least 10 times. On a smaller scale Lapdance by NERD, perfectly captures the moment when the new and improved Matthew, strolls into the Prom and officially becomes the Godfather of the school. Matthew's two friends and one of Danielle's associates played by Tim Olyphant are particular standouts in terms of comic relief; the movie is genuinely funny. The story line revolves around a life changing loss of innocence for: Matthew starts the movie in a tether of his scholarship acquirement's, he spends hours studying and speech revising. It's a classic tale of boy-meets-girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy lives happily ever after with girl. The Girl Next Door's tagline "Matt didn't see her coming When you see this, you'll expect a raunchy, borderline porn movie, but what you get is a refreshing, adorable, and sweet love story with great performances from Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert. The casting director did a great job, placing Emile Hirsch opposite Elisha Cuthbert both very talented young up-and-coming actors, I wish them well in luck, love and life. With good use of songs blending with the score, well-done fantasy sequences, and a welcome dose of intelligence in its writing, "The Girl Next Door" is probably the most adorable movie to get an R rating since "Pretty Woman," and well worth seeing even if you don't have a thing for Kim off " Which is their loss. Only problem is, he needs the money to get to the school, and this can only be paid by winning a scholarship. Sign in to vote. One similarity I am happy to point out between this work and the self-proclaimed teen movies, is that it has an excellent sound track. Rogue 20 April Here we have a great example of how decent writers, armed with creative juice to spare, can take a well-worn plot and rework it to make it seem fresh. It's at this point that Matt decides that he doesn't care about Danielle's past, and he's in love with her. Just when you think you've got the next twist figured out, you're surprised. The Girl Next Door provides more intelligent jokes Eli saying that Matthews's motel advances towards Danielle was a little forthcoming, for instance. Klitz, like Matthew, is a text book nerd and lacks any confidence in his appearance, what so ever. This song perfectly matched the budding affections of Danielle and Matthew, both while they share their first kiss, and when there have sex for the first time.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. When she goes with a motel with him and starts to play up The Porn Star, you really hope they don't go through with it. The best movie to compare this piece to is Risky Business. The first comparison that should be made between your average Hollywood teen offering and this movie is the humor.

If you haven't seen this movie but have read this. The pair's on-screen chemistry is undeniably electric. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! If you have seen it, then I hope you agree with my synopsis.

I must admit, I did go in thinking that I'd spend two hours of my life enjoying yet another teen comedy, with an overdone plot, jokes bordering on distasteful, and up to the brim with gratuitous nudity. They're falling in love, and it's easy to see on screen, and it's adorable. However, I came out with so much more.

Even after this fact is acknowledged, it is still tempting to accuse The Girl Next Door of being a teen movie, but suddenly the thought springs to mind. But the Girl Next Door deserves to stand right up there beside is it. There's more to the movie than the sight of Elisha Cuthbert in a thong in interviews she revealed that it is indeed her there The debt this movie owes to "Risky Business" - starting with the score by ex-Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger Tangerine Dream scored "Risky Business" - is pretty clear; both movies have bright but slightly life-challenged graduate students given to fantasising about things that go wrong as their main characters step forward Emile Hirsch as the sympathetic hero , both have sex-obsessed best friends, both have women in the sex business as the main female characters who come into the hero's uptight life and help to liberate him, and both have sleazy male bosses Timothy Olyphant plays the Guido equivalent.

Unfortunately, Risky Business is unshakable from it pillar as one of the best movies ever. You've all seen it I'm sure. The movie also has the same mostly restrained view of its story where other movies would have played up the farce aspects - the only real hi-jinks come when the movie's plot takes in the Adult Film Convention in Las Vegas - but "The Girl Next Door" is a lot more engaging and has a lot more heart than "Risky Business" good though that movie is, charm is not its strong point , with the title character seen as more of a person than a masturbatory object both by our hero and by the movie.

For the first part of the movie, you see Danielle, the near unfairly sexy girl, push Matt to limits he hasn't gone to, such as running in the street naked, swimming in a stranger's pool, and skipping school. He's your everyday nice guy who's never really 'lived'. This happens throughout the movie, making The Girl Next Door one of the most charming, smart and subversive teen comedies I've seen in a long time - beautifully written, perfectly cast, a real pleasure from start to finish.

The drop-dead gorgeous Elisha Cuthbert Kim Bauer on 24, in a very different type of role here is the title character, Danielle. This movie is worthy of much more recognition then it is currently receiving. Danielle, for all her real world experience, is an emotional black hole.

Funny, a bit silly, and at times honestly sweet, it's an entertaining movie that's harmless and worth seeing. As director Luke Greenfield pointed out in his commentary Unrated DVD is a must-have for the hardcore fans , Emile and Elisha were chosen for their ability to act without dialogue, simply with their eyes. Emile Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert and Timothy Olyphant shine in their respective roles as the young man at a crossroads in his life, the girl next door of the title, equally confused, and the scuzball with a heart who knows he has to do the right thing even if it goes against his 'business instincts.

So let's compare these major story lines to some admitted teen movies. Just when it can't get any better for Matt, things take a turn for the worse. And how can we ignore the superb supporting cast?

Yes, the movie does sound like the classic Risky Business, but it does things that separate itself from that movie. The mood set up in the early stages is so convincing that when Olyphant's porn producer character turns up the movie seems to turn into another one entirely and if you go to see this because of Elisha's "one for the men" status, I must warn you that she spends alarming amounts of time off-screen ; it's still a good one, but it damages the overall movie's tone, and for most of the rest of the movie it veers back and forth between sweet and sleazy True, there's no actual sex seen and little nudity, but the cast works so well and the movie's so sincere that by the end it doesn't seem like a ripoff. A few days before his speech on why he deserves the scholarship, Matt meets Danielle Elisha Cuthbert, '24', Weezer's 'Perfect Situation video , a breathtakingly beautiful girl who after a hilarious few scenes where they meet he instantly falls for, and she falls for him. For that, I would hardly even classify it in the generic 'comedy' genre. He has no past experience to draw on, he's terrified and confused, and he doesn't know what to do! Going wild for the weekend, he dance around the house, pants-less easily one of the most famous scenes in movie history and more importantly from a story line point of view , meets and falls in love with hooker Lana Rebecca De Mornay. After some events, the plot strays away from just Matt and Danielle, and thickens to become a real movie, not just a teen movie. The story line singular in this story is to go on vacation and get laid. There are some great plot twists that keep you interested, not to mention hilarious in jokes and one liners, and not to mention a classic quote: Tim Olyphant is great in a somewhat opposing role, and veteran actor James Remar makes a few appearances as a porn producing giant. They must've poured their hearts out into these characters, bringing them to life, their romance blossoming on-screen. I've finally gotten around to writing a review, because writing this has reminded me of how great this movie is. He is the top student, the class president, and he's in charge of bringing a teenage super genius to the U. Not exactly a feast for the thought. The movie does an excellent job of keeping us interested, because just as the plot becomes serious, Eli and Matt's other friend, Klitz, add some very funny moments and ideas. As Olyphant's character asks Hirsch at one point: It's much more mature, a sweet delight of a story that has you chuckling in amusement rather than rolling on the floor guffawing. Was this review helpful? This boy has fallen hopelessly in love for the first time, with the girl of his dreams. Victor Field 23 April Responsibility for "The Girl Next Door"'s poor performance at the US box office - as well as over here - can be laid firmly at the feet of Twentieth Century Fox's marketing people; the tagline "Matt never saw her coming - but all his friends had! On the topic of the sound track, I could go on for pages, so ill just stop that now. And ill bet that the reason is in the first eleven words of this review. He's just plain likable. The sweetest R-rated or 15 certificate movie in recent memory. After a near tear-jerking scene, Danielle returns to her old career by contacting her old boss, a gritty and suave porn producer named Kelly Tim Olyphant. Wagner and Brent Goldberg put more emphasis on the characters than the raunch, which makes all the difference. Matthew, in the movie breaks threw this, and Danielle "makes love" for the first time. The academically perfect Tom Cruise's parents do away for the weekend.
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