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TM - Office Bound 2 3 years ago pornhub. But don't worry, we aren't charging you again. Is it hard to tie someone up if you're blindfolded? She waits kneeling in bondage, dreading what might happen to her. Sexy spy Alexis is in dreamland, spreadeagled on a bed in corset, stockings and boots. We never imagined her going the other way.

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Lorelei is secured in a bondage frame with a vibrator tucked between her legs which is set to 'low' so that she won't be able to reach orgasm. Topless, high heels, stockinged feet, stockings, mini skirt, blouse, secretary, office wear, chair tie, chair bondage, chair bound, brunette, rope bondage, cleave gag, cleavegagged, parody, tribute, homage, spoof. Finally her shoes get so loose that they float away. Instead of being appreciative, though, Krissy refuses to walk across the street in her pricey new shoes. Dramatic bondage, glamour bondage, secretary bondage, outdoor bondage, suspension, bed ties, chair ties, ball ties, hogtied beauties, bound and gagged blondes, brunettes, redheads, exotic models, you name it! He moves her from her perch down into the jacuzzi, over her muffled protests, until the water reaches her hip line. Luci is only given 10 minutes to call for help Straining against the ropes, she stretches out her sexy prehensile toes to attempt to dial the phones on the floor Just when she's starting to make some progress, her captor adds an up-rope to tilt the chair crazily off two legs. Freedom Woman Part 4 of 4. Lorelei whimpers through her tape-gag and squirms in frustration! The temperature is in the mids and you can see the relentless sun is burning her face. He tells her to take off her top, skirt, and heels, then makes her put on black leather high-heel boots and a black leather corset. Her captor checks on her and adds another bandanna to make her cleavegag even thicker in her mmphing mouth. She inches around in the water and eventually slips down deeper into the water until her clothing gets completely wet and her red bra is visible through her sheer white blouse. It's a quickie bondage but a cute fantasy. Very video verite' -- shaky camera work. Panel gag, leather gag, panel ball gag, costume bondage, boots, spandex, leotard, super heroine, pantyhose, gloves, rope bondage, leather bondage, leather straps, blonde, vibrator bondage, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, submission, bed bondage, bed bound. She starts getting mouthy and it's time to take her down a peg. Where are the mansion's caretakers in her time of need? The Corset Spy, Part 1 of 3. She's wearing a blouse, mini-skirt, and waist corset. I'm glad you're here to share that happiness with me! Classic footage from years past! This is my paysite where you can see hundreds of tie-ups that I've done over the years. Left alone once again in her soggy prison, her bare feet flail uselessly underwater and she whimpers to herself in despair. She waits kneeling in bondage, dreading what might happen to her.{/PARAGRAPH} She squirms and struggles but all she gets for her efforts are an addition of red leather cuffs and some leather belts. {PARAGRAPH}Bondage is my hobby, my career, and my happiness. Along the way Kris is downdressed, starting in lacy babydoll lingerie and ending up topless and pantyless. She works her way across the room and is about to call for help when she's interrupted. Lauren waits there for some time, hoping someone will pay her ransom, and at last she's brought back out again and placed in the back of the SUV. Her phone lies on the bed, tantalizingly out of reach. Her blouse has come open to reveal her beautiful breasts. Big toe cuffs, toe bondage, steel bondage, leather bondage, leather straps, leather cuffs, steel cuffs, metal bondage, barefoot bondage, nudity, pink, topless bondage, bit gag, bitgag, spreadeagle, spread eagle, spreadeagled, spreadeagled, bed bondage, bed bound, bedroom bondage, rope bondage, nylon ropes, bare feet, collar, tattoo, leather wear, leatherwear, fetish wear. She starts out in a seated strappado, but later is retied upright with her knees pulled open by the ropes, which displays her adorable shaved pantyless pink. Hopefully everything will work out okay and she'll be safe soon! This is a custom project my boyfriend Jon did. Sarah's been dressed in studded leather fetish wear and spread on the bed with leather mittens, leather-and-steel cuffs, silken ropes, and steel big-toe cuffs on chains. Breathless from the tight corset, Alexis moves weakly against the ropes, helpless to escape. She struggles at length, finally kicks her heels off, manages to untie the rope that's leashed her to the chair, and hops away. He puts her against the wall and tugs the laces up relentlessly as she protests and gasps for air. The sexy spy is undercover as a secretary, but just when she gets a chance to snoop around the office, she's interrupted by a ski-masked man. Secretary bondage, office bondage, high heels, cleave gag, cleavegagged, bandanna gag, topless, going for the phone, struggling, mmphing, chair tie, chair bondage. Dorothy Laine has to take things in hand and use a torturous tickle-session to make Kris see the light. We shot this scene at the end of the day. Busty Skylar has been tied up in her silky lacy nightgown and told not to try anything. She's been stashed in a storage room and doesn't know when she'll be freed. Sexy spy Alexis is in dreamland, spreadeagled on a bed in corset, stockings and boots. A large vibrator is secured between her legs and switched on. Our superheroine has been embarrassed and unmasked and now she's roped and leather-strapped to a mattress for her final humiliation. He has even gotten them reservations at a five-star restaurant across the street from the hotel. Next she finds herself securely chair-tied so that she can't cause any more trouble. Indica's Great-Uncle Klaus has passed away and left a mansion to her father. There is no escaping the stimulation, and Freedom Woman succumbs to a super orgasm. Tied naked face-to-face, Lorelei "Kristine Imboch" and Dorothy Laine can't do anything to help each other. If only she could cum! He leaves her there for a while and she is unable to wander from her tethered spot. Secretary Phoebe is left tied up while the intruder is in the other room. Uniform, ladycop, security guard, cop lady, costume bondage, shoeless, saran wrap, kitchen wrap, plastic wrap, plastic fetish, duct tape, tape bondage, tapegagged, tape gag, fully clothed, topless, chair bondage, chair bound, struggling, mmphing. She's very scared so she tries to wait patiently, hoping for rescue. The SUV arrives at the holding location and Lauren's captor briefly steps away to check the area. Ladycop Ashley must have seriously annoyed the homemaker, because she's been detained with plastic wrap and duct tape! The bad guys have got the wrong gal, but they don't believe Nyssa when she tries to tell them that. She's bit-gagged for good measure. Lorelei is blindfolded and bandanna-gagged perched at the edge of jacuzzi, with her red high heels kicking in the water. She struggles to remain conscious. Cleavage, topless, bare breasts, nice tits, mini dress, minidress, tight dress, spandex dress, rope bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, brunette, water bondage, abused shoes, shoe destruction, ruined shoes, destroyed shoes, wet shoes, shoe fetish, wet and messy, high heels, stockinged feet, stockings, comeuppance, punishment, bratty girl, hotel, bathtub, shower stall. She squirms helplessly in her bondage. The water is running and it's ruining her brand-new shoes. Her efforts get her nowhere, and the next time her captor checks in, her decides to pull open her shirt and bare her large breasts just to humiliate her. Left alone once again, our heroine kicks off her heels underwater and attempts to explore her confines even though she can't see where she's going. She squirms against the ropes holding her, afraid to try to make an escape when she can't see. The camera lingers on every curve of this beautiful captive. Lauren struggles in the back seat, manages to unbuckle her seatbelt, and is considering whether to try to hop away when the bad guy comes back and takes her into a storage room. He let me have the videos to show you! Corset, fetish clothing, forced stripping, boots, big tits, lingerie, high heels, male domination, stockings, lacing, laced up, tight lacing, hour glass, curvy, tightlacing, ski mask, burglar, vintage lingerie, intruder, lady spy. Torn dress, topless, big tits, long hair, white silk tape gag, barefoot, cotton rope, rope bondage, asian, tapegagged, bare feet. Our captured superheroine has been handed over to the evil Coach. In fact, all they can do is laugh hard in each other's faces as they are tickled on their bare feet and ribs! She tries to lace it herself but he takes over. Krissy is excited to be on an expensive weekend getaway with her boyfriend. It's hilarious seeing Kris switch from being an arrogant mouthy egomaniac to a shrieking begging ticklee! Indica drives out to house-sit the creepy old place, but before long she finds herself all tied up -- cleavegagged and leashed to a chair. Bondage, topless, big tits, nice tits, corset, hitachi, magic wand, tape gag, masturbation, orgasm, playroom, dungeon, studio-x. Phoebe struggles from one phone to the next, trying to find a working line. Luci's struggles become even more desperate! This is a custom project that was shot with two cameras from two different angles for release by two producers. Mermaid Indica protests her captivity -- then tapegagged, she squirms lightly in cling-wrap bondage, and flips her flipper helplessly. It's very hard for her to catch her breath. This is Freedom Woman Part 4 of 4. She whimpers and pouts as the water gradually destroys her fancy footwear. Freedom Woman Part 3 of 4. This is a guest video provided by FM Concepts! There wasn't enough time left to do a full bondage scene so Indica hopped into a tail, I wrapped her wrists together, then continued with the wrap around her body a few times. Jon Woods, Eric Holman. Next we see she's been left tied-up in the hotel room bathroom. After she's freed, she takes the vibrator and turns it up and gives herself that long-awaited climax. Fat leather gag, rope bondage, barefoot, bare feet, torn dress, topless, brunette, chair bondage, chair tied, tipped chair, going for the phone, dialing with toes, rope bondage, nylon rope, pierced nipples.
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