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Every culture feels like their parents are the most stringent as far as, "We came to this country to work hard, we want you to be a doctor or a lawyer. She likes to say she is "fluent" in white maleness. Which is hard for me. Scent hounds or scenthounds are a type of hound that primarily hunts by scent rather than sight.

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May 22, at Maybe the fifth or sixth day, we were shooting a scene where Bobby's character and I are sitting at a table just shooting the shit and having a conversation, and Marty goes, "I just want to watch it over here instead of at the monitor. Taylor Swift was seen adjusting her gown as she journeyed along the carpet. The ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown couldn't take the smile off her face as she exited the venue.

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As for the mistake for comparing wasps with bees. Or maybe an Excalbian. The hands are all wrong. By Phil Plait November 13, 8: Debunking , Humor , Pareidolia. By way of proof, I suffered four stings within four seconds a couple years back, when I opened a car door that the invasive species Polistes dominula had built a nest on inside the gap between the door and the rear of the car. Thanks for clearing that up. Looking forward to the Einsteinian habit of simply floating around while thinking. And the ones you describe providing paralyzed prey for their to-be-hatched babies are generally solitary and are pretty much as nonagressive as you can get. The nest serves as a hose nozzle for passers-by the temple entrance. Most paper wasp species are not aggressive. As someone who grew up in Rochester and whose parents still live there , I totally agree. I thought only catholics saw sacred images in randomly formed objects, ie: That would be funny. As you can see, and as usual for these sorts of things, if you squint you can kinda sorta see it looks a little bit like Buddha. This reminds me of that old buddhist saying: Well, given that these were not bees, but wasps, which are highly aggressive, I might disagree with the monk. Paper wasps are semisocial and will probably only sting if you go poking at their nest. As BaldApe says, only some wasps are aggressive, mainly the eusocial ones like yellowjackets. Personally, I see Cartman: I would just like to say, as a resident of Rochester for the last 28 years, that this is usually a very sane town. Ups to my peeps. Second, the statement that bees are sacred to Buddhists is just plain silly, roughly the equivalent of saying that because Italians are so fond of pasta, cavatini is sacred to Catholics. Although deities do appear in the mythologies of some Buddhist cultures, and and though these cultures may be rife with superstitions, such deities and superstitions are products of the indigenous culture, not Buddhism, which is practically silent upon the subject of gods. I was suffering from the same misconception as Phil and for the record, I do know that what Phil wrote is at least true of tarantula hawks. Actually it looks more like the my lucky chunk of ballistic ceramic that saved my life a few years ago that the pendant is glued to. Buddhists and visitors entering the temple will be inclined to rush quickly in and those not entering will be inclined to rush quickly past. Maybe someone should show them this thing: Apparently most of the people involved in this article are unable or unwilling to make the effort to be even remotely precise. So at the very least thats a weeeee bit more accurate than calling then insects Worse thing is that the image could have been on a spider web and then the article cites them as insects. I have lived in Cambodia now for over two years. I think the significant message that can be derived from this wasps nest story is that one can find examples of the buddha in any element in life. The Buddha-shaped formation could actually be made of four different nests formed over the last two to four years, said Robert Jeanne, an entomology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This is the sort of thing that leads to confusion when scientists or other specialists communicate to the public. Those guys making the allusions confusing wasps and bees must not have watched that National Geographic special on the Japanese Giant Hornet. November 13, at 9: Looks like a steaming pile of doo-doo to me… November 13, at 9: Looks like Winston Churchill to me. And besides, once one becomes a Buddha one tends to stay enlightened and not involved in the affairs of the mundane. But they have nests behind our fake shutters and hanging from the soffits as well, and have for years, and pretty much ignore us. As somebody who did pest control for 5 years, and is now strongly considering keeping honeybees this spring, nothing irks me more than confusing bees and wasps. Paper wasps most certainly do not: And not all bees make honey. Either that or a giant penis growing out of his armpit. Though, really, they should get some Raid on that stuff. As Phil points out, the message is from wasps, not bees. That nest was removed soon thereafter following a guilt-free genocide of its inhabitants, along with another one being built on my front door by another colony of the same species. I had a wasp nest in the barn shaped like a football. There are other quotes about bees as well. Apparently the writers discussed it with an entomologist one of their fathers-in-law trying to make it actually work scientifically before chucking accuracy and just writing it. The article is pretty funny; they talked to an entomologist good for them! Preparing all the way to leap and remember my swimming skills. Please do not think that this sort of thing is normal around here … we are a long way from the bible belt. First, the Buddha is not a deity, so this does not really work as a parallel to Christian or Muslim pareidolia. You got stung because you disturbed their nest. Neither of us have ever heard of bees being considered sacred here. By doing so -relating the buddha with any element in life- perhaps we can also remember to act more often with compassion and wisdom and the 6 perfections. Even the picture caption calls it a beehive. Sure, they like honey, but no more than anyone else. Even after reading the article, it really took a leap of logic and holding my jade Buddha pendent to up to it to see the likeness. My wife is Cambodian. I see a wasp nest compound that should be taken down immediately cause wasps suck, hiding in your shoes and what not! Sorry, someone was going to say it. November 13, at 1:{/PARAGRAPH} The wasps that built this nest are even further from being wasps that feed their young on paralysed prey than they are from being bees. I actually think it looks like a stack of New Years mochi left out in the sun too long. Well they are in the same Order Hymenoptera of the Class Insecta. Like ccpetersen, I see something like the Willendorf Venus…. Now I have to chase the entire Seattle secondary out of my yard every morning. Ugh, that brings back bad memories… once, while searching for subterranean termites, I dug into the soil with my screwdriver, ripping the top off of an underground yellow jacket nest. Well, given that these were not bees, but wasps , which are highly aggressive, I might disagree with the monk. Paper wasps are great to have around. Am I the only one who thinks that looks like a Horta? Once carefully turned over an aluminum boat on the shore of a small lake in Northern California. But the wasps decided to remain in the nest. Paper wasps hunt small animals, kill them, and feed them to their already-hatched larvae in their nests. I think it looks like one of those prehistoric fertility statues. Clearly, the four nests represent the, uh, five heaps that make up the soul! When the larva hatches, its food is waiting for it in the form of the paralyzed — but not dead — prey, which then gets eaten alive. So that whole part of the article is totally ridiculous. Paper wasps most certainly do not:. Also, wasps paralyze their prey with their sting, and then plant them next to a previously-laid egg. Furthermore, paper wasps certainly are aggressive when you get too close to their nest. The boat had not been sitting very long. Phil, you should check with an entomologist or at least a biologist before posting stuff like this. Homo Sapiens Sapiens Plaitia. All wasps are more closely related to other wasps than to any bees. Hah, I was reading through the story, and all that was going through my mind was: I thought you were going to completely whiff on mentioning that Phil, but you came through! I was born in Rochester, MN. All looked clear, no snakes, so I placed the oars and pulled the boat over to the water near a small peer and got in. Beehives appear to have a special significance in Cambodian Buddhism: Honey collecting is a common activity in Cambodia, where Buddhist temples feature honeycomb-shaped towers. The trick with bald-faced hornets — which are also not bees — is to wait until temperatures drop after sunset, then hit their nest with insecticide from a postion of concealment and easy retreat at least twenty feet away while fully armored, including goggles to protect the eyes, earmuffs over the ears and a mask over the nose and mouth. {PARAGRAPH}Or screaming in pain. Interesting story, however some readers and possibly the author? November 13, at Well, some wasps anyway. Oh Lordy, has the Virgin Mary ever let herself go.
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