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Greg emptied some loose change out of his pocket which landed with a clang on the growing pile. He kicked back his leg and stomped Raymond's balls so hard his son was sent sailing backward, landing on his ass. Greg's observation seemed astute as Danny wasn't even protesting being held virtually naked by a man who had made no secret of his lustful attraction to him. They were both wearing tight fitting black jeans and black A-shirts that would have clung to their rippling stomachs even without the sheen of sweat they were working up. Room 66 The girls had tossed their luggage on their shared double bed and whilst Sam began to unpack Danielle excused herself and scurried off into the bathroom.

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What is your sexual orientation? To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Fielmer was too drunk to notice as he lined up his next kick. Raymond's sack was literally filling with the nut-guts that were supposed to be contained safely inside of their shell You hit them too hard and for too long and you will damage them.

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Squeeze Balls | Watch Free Ball Busting Videos & Movies

All three tied up jocks looked out at the maddening scene in horror. Travis gasped and would have doubled over if he wasn't held up by the post. Maybe you could aim for the others The second ball crunched Travis's now swollen right nut with much more force than any of the other balls so far. Those poor football studs got themselves into a situation they couldn't escape, and paid for it dearly. Jordan didn't break eye contact with Travis as he wound up a pitch and sent the orange ball toward Travis's defenseless crotch. All three were wearing only tight fitting, white boxer brief underwear that left little to the imagination. If anyone had taken the time to examine him up close, they would have seen that -- though they were larger -- the orbs were much flatter than when the game had started. Travis made a point of parading around the locker room naked to show off his huge testicles which hung nearly six inches. Patrick was the youngest at nineteen, a freshman on the team with a mess of shaggy blond hair topping out his athletic five foot nine frame. He could feel his crotch throbbing from the five previous impacts and knew there was still one more to go Jordan put everything he had into the last pitch, the rubber ball crushing Travis's right nut into his body. A short, Asian student all three instantly recognized as a nerdy though popular sophomore stepped up and handed the Ring Master his money. Travis, despite his powerful, intimidating physique was sobbing, squealing girlishly with each blow. He leaned in and whispered something into the Ring Master's ear. It was the annual student body carnival at their prestigious all boys college and they had volunteered for the 'Make the Jock Sing Soprano' booth setup by the football team The sun shone down brightly on the scattered booths and attractions at the carnival, causing the three trapped jocks to sweat, their fit young bodies glistening with sweat. The next ball traveled faster than the first, impacting Travis's battered right nut again. It was a direct hit, the rubber ball compressing Travis's huge right nut. Last was Travis, a boyishly handsome shaved haired senior. Would love to see the basketball team visit some of the other teams' booths next, like the wrestling booth, the swimming booth, the gymnastics booth Post a Comment Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Fred let out a slightly maniacal laugh as he sent his first ball directly into Travis's right nut. Travis was the tallest of the three at just over six foot, and had a similar build as Patrick -- muscular, extremely well-defined but not hulking. He carefully aimed and sent the first ball sailing with a well-aimed, though not very powerful throw. By now a small crowd, mostly basketball players, had gathered around the scene. Three football players stood side by side, their legs forced apart with a spreader bar tied at their ankles and their arms tied behind their backs. Maybe the four emasculated studs getting revenge at the basketball team's booth at next year's carnival will make up for their loss Holy shit, that was awesome! Travis's eyes grew large and he had barely registered the pain of the first hit before The next two balls struck back to back, both perfectly aimed into his right nut. I wonder if the rest of the carnival's booths are equally entertaining. After several more players had all taken their turns, all aiming at Travis, Travis was nearly comatose, his head shifting slightly and his rippled abs tensing with each powerful impact. I love your college themed tales, and this one is fantastic! This wasn't like the practice rounds at all. Travis gasped and tears streamed down his face. The Asian carefully wound up his pitch and sent the last ball flying through the air. It collided weakly with Patrick's stomach. Jordan feigned sympathy as he shouted "That didn't sound soprano to me. The delicate membranes of Travis's gonads were literally being crushed flat as ball after ball found its target. Friday, April 18, Carnival Carnage. Travis let out a guttural, muffled scream into his gag as the ball collided with force into his left ball. His nuts were visibly flatter, and the rubber balls were sinking in further and further with each blow. The three trapped jocks looked on helplessly as the Ring Master used a spray can to pain a new starting line in the sand, this one three feet closer than the last. They were affixed to wooden posts mounted securely to the ground. For reasons no one on campus could quite remember, the football and basketball teams had been rivals for some time. I'm rock hard right now from reading that story, and am gonna have to jerk off now! Another contestant aimed exclusively for Travis's manhood, the last ball hitting his dangerously assaulted right nut with a sickening splat that made some of the watching young men wince in sincere sympathy -- though most of them were laughing. This one landed with a bit more force, but hitting Patrick's thigh instead of his crotch. Without a word, we reached for Travis's underwear and pulled it to his knees.{/PARAGRAPH} Greg, the next player in line, sent his size thirteen foot crashing into the side of the Ring Master's head with a deafening crack. Patrick winced mockingly and the Asian readied the second ball. Dozens of hard, orange rubber balls slammed into Travis's crotch. The basketball player roughly shoved the Ring Master to the ground and spat on him "Hey now, I paid my fee. It's a novel idea. Jordan gave Travis a menacing look as he took his first ball, wound his arm several times, then sent the ball sailing. Travis's eyes watered despite his efforts to control himself; those balls were heavier than he thought! The Asian student laughed at the still wincing Patrick as he walked away. {PARAGRAPH}Thank you for this great story! The Ring Master, a fellow footballer dressed in a stripped shirt and large straw hat, rang a bell and shouted to the passing crowd. Loved each of their nut annihilation sequences! The Ring Master handed the young man three softball-sized orange rubber balls and stepped aside. Next to him was Darius, a junior, a handsome dark skinned line backer who was only slightly taller than Patrick but easily twice the weight and filled out with hulking, powerfully cut muscles. The Ring Master, stunned, went to stand but was quickly pinned down by two other basketball players. He was built for running, so lacked the bulging muscles of the other two, but his twelve-pack, rippling abs and toned biceps still glistened invitingly in the sun as a goofy smile was plastered over his face. Fred winked at the now openly crying Travis as the last orange ball crunched his suffering right ball. Jordan and another basketball player who had come up to watch both mockingly rubbed their eyes. He was really in pain. Fred was about to take another turn when he threw down his ball and approached the now blacked out Travis's limp, beautiful body. I mean come on. The Ring Master nodded and walked toward the line in the sand, which he promptly erased with his foot. Maybe this will do the trick,". Have a chance to make these jocks sing soprano! The Ring Master, the only voice of reason in an increasingly hostile crow, had just been brutally knocked out leaving them vulnerable and totally defenseless as the entire basketball team gathered around them. Travis, to his surprise, was in agony. Fred handed the Ring Master cash, then handed him what looked to be enough money for a second turn. The balls were much, much harder than the plastic softballs they had used for practice. A fiery red goatee gave a splash of color to his otherwise pale face and a trail of thick, curly red hair lead from his mounding pecs down his washboard stomach, disappearing into his shorts. All of the young men were gagged but all of them were smiling and in good spirits despite their situation. Each basketball player took a ball and hurled it toward Travis. The Ring Master instantly blacked out as his head snapped to the side. Travis's face flushed red with embarrassment as he tried to contain himself, his mind going crazy from the burning pain in his crotch. Fred was fairly muscular with a disproportionately built upper body and arms. Travis, remembering the pain he had just experienced, panicked at the prospect of being hit from even closer range. A wet crunch echoed up to Travis' head as the rubber ball dug into the membranes of his huge, assaulted nut. A line had been drawn in the sand several yards away, the closest a contestant could stand, and the Asian took his place right on the line. His large nuts made for a hefty bulge that rivaled Darius'. Tell your friends to come back so these guys can really be sopranos by the end of the carnival. The membranes and tissues of his assaulted nuts were starting to cave in, though no one was aware of the extent of the damage. The four of them laughed as another student, a tall, somewhat lanky basketball player named Jordan stepped up and handed the Ring Master his cash. Earlier in the day passerbys had questioned if it was real and the ring master pulled down Darius' shorts to reveal two quite real enormous, black balls. Doing so would be extremely dangerous. An almost unrealistically large bulge protruded from the intersection of this thick, muscular legs, the snaking outline of a donkey-like penis inching down his leg. Fred stepped away from the line and another basketball player too his spot. The bulge in his shorts was now twice the size, making it look comically large, the outline of each battered, swollen nut clearly visible. Please do not act anything on this blog out. He took his place holding a ball on the new line, now a mere six feet away and hurled it as hard as he could into Travis's crotch. I get my turn. Who wouldn't want to nut a jock. Jordan laughed and handed the Ring Master another wad of money.
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