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Nothing wrong with taking inspiration from someone, but buying every. Hillary meme is weird, ceaseless, and kind of sexist, just like the campaign". All that aside… it's a fucking hairstyle. I can't find them and on this site they are deleted. Hastursmask on June 10,3: One oversized tee is not an outfit.

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If that didnt work, gimme your new yahoo messenger email Really nice job, if I had the spare cash I'd definetly support you guys!

Valentina. Age: 26. My name is brittney.. I am from the usa.. I enjoy cars, motorcyles, make-up, shopping, fishing, nature, and anything to do outdoors.. I love to talk and meet people.. I am also very outgoing ;).

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That was so long ago, I'm beginning to think I may have imagined it, but it's how I always remembered the scene and I did run across one other person online who also recalls it this way. The first three had wide theatrical releases a number of years ago. Although there are a few dozen pictures of women suspended within circular frames, they are all drawings or 3DG renders — and none of these depict the victims hanging by their fingers or thumbs. She looks absolutely gorgeous here; she was only 19 at the time and yes, she does get naked, as well as whipped several times, too. The 5th choice is a problem. But it's pretty clear she's in agony, and based on Ilsa's dialogue, one eventually can guess why. As much as I loved Lana as the Barbarian Queen, I was so disappointed with the "lowering onto spikes" scene I guess it was too hard on her to be stretched horizontal without some support and that wouldn't fit the flow of the scene but the camera only shows her face The pious couple refused, and continued to conduct their lives according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The most heavily cut release was originally issued by Cinepix on VHS. There's even less now that I got through modifying it! This version is pan-and-scanned and only 72 minutes long. Of course, I'm willing to be proven wrong. I snagged one of the latter, and it's gorgeous. No reason not to, especially since everyone else has a fair shot and everyone should know when the Tuesday Trivia gif appears. I think you are at least partly right in assuming that portraying twenty strands attached to all the captive's fingers and toes is more time consuming than just using four cords to her wrists and ankles which probably works better, though induces less suffering. The relics were transported to Rome and interred in the Catacombs of St. As for that fourth variant, this one I saw only in movie theaters when Harem Keeper first was released. Most of the videotape copies I've seen are either taken from the same print used by Cinepix or, more likely, are just dupes. The Tower of London: Also features Vincent Price leering down at her stretched body. Just click on the cap below to be connected. Would be much higher if there would have been a bit more set-up here. Poor Cecily by a mile; nothing comes even close ; 2. So yes, it is indeed a rare form of torture in GIMP art, film and literature. Their remains were thrown into the Sava River. The faithful, and those converted by the zeal of the holy couple, willingly endangered their lives in order to rescue the bodies and heads of the martyrs from the river. However, in the year , they were seized by Roman soldiers and brought to stand trial before Governor Probus. So I would rather mention five interesting scenes you could run into completely by chance. So if you watched a non-widescreen version and didn't see Haji's tits in the wringer, it could well be from one of these sources. In the Rack Data Base. Die Watching what an opening peril! This clearly was an alternate version which was shot to replace the more shocking sequence if regional censors disapproved, which apparently they did in Ontario. The Story of O. That, and actual penetration. Sorry, I can't find the name of the distributor for this one. Maxima defended her faith so convincingly and with such eloquent zeal that Probus cut the trial short, fearing mass conversions to Christianity. Montanus showed great heroism and explained that if he were to sacrifice to the idols, it would be tantamount to rejecting Jesus Christ as God and Lord of heaven and earth, and he refused to comply. Cali Danger is strung up in various variations of bondage and beaten and repeatedly shocked with a electric prod. I would love to sign in this forum and share my experience with other subject interest people. Most women cannot endure AOH wrist suspension for more than a few minutes, so the hapless GIMP supposedly strung up for hours or days in the dungeon not unusual in films and fetish clips should be screaming in anguish, going mad and dead in a relatively short time. All have only one scene featuring a GIMP. It also could be that, as diabolical as this punishment sounds, it isn't feasible in real life. We have a clip in the Whipping Scenes Database. There are many in movies, but I would mention 4 tv series: There are at least four versions of this film, and three of them have the breast press scene as well as several other bits censored. Priscilla on the Salarian Way where they remained for 1, years.

The trivia question answer is: My ace in the hole finally shows up. Maxima to deny Christ. But it doesn't explain why suspension by the thumbs or single digits is equally scarce, or why it's not more common in peril fiction. Maxima and Montanus were savagely scourged and then beheaded by the sword. Then I could pencil in my final choice in peace.

As she explains what will happen, her two assistants turn the screws until the melons burst apart. However, there also were several European VHS distributors, and at least one French outfit had an uncut tape out in the mid 's, which is how I first saw the scene in question. Is it because it would be a hellish lot of work? Jungle terrors from Richard Jewell on Vimeo.

Those few seconds are regretably missing from the widescreen version that I worked with; They must have been cut by an overly-prudish film censor - most likely British!!! In the Jolanda installment the victim is tied only by big toes and thumbs, in the other two 20 separate ropes should be present, one for each toe and finger

So what are you missing? They traveled to Sirmium west of Belgrade in order to distance themselves from the seat of power. Well, my personal transfer is too big for Zippyshare, so the best I can do is point you to a low quality, truncated clip. Cinepix went bust long ago, which made it possible for numerous other distributors to add Harem Keeper to their list of copyright-free titles. This is supposed to be one of the so-called "historical" stories, though I'm pretty sure there's not much accuracy in it. Since fingers taper from their base, even with cords tightly secured around each one, I'm not sure that would be enough to support a hundred-plus pound victim without having the loops slip free, most likely ripping away some flesh as they come loose. Haji looks on with alarm, then the scene cuts away. As a result, except for very short sequences, these scenes are simulated. By now, I'm sure bootleggers have made dupes from these sources, but if you want to be certain you have an uncut copy, I'd stick to these distributors, even if some other company claims their version is uncut. If only she wasn't wearing a bra and panties. Even if the bonds remained in place, wouldn't all that weight being held aloft by no more than slender tendons and tiny bones dislocate the digits and ultimately sever them? That's certainly the case when using fiddly software like Poser. The movie is indeed Autumn Born , a low-budget Canadian film that was the first leading role for the late Dorothy Stratten, the beautiful Playboy Playmate of the Year who was murdered by her estranged husband in There have been several films and biopics made about her life, most notably Star 80 with Mariel Hemingway playing Dorothy. OK, so I would like to know: As far as I know even creative geniuses like Quoom, Arcas, Agan Medon and others - no offence to those I don't mention - have ever done it. You're missing the infamous nipple-prick scene that comes right after the close-up of the torturer's glasses. If I remember correctly, the exploding diaghram scene is also shortened somewhat, and there may be other cuts as well. Not as much GIMP action as in the first: This scene is also included in the above download [ www I'm still thinking about my other four! It's missing not only Haji's boob crushing, but also most of her execution and lots more. If what you saw was considerably longer, good quality and in As viewers get to see the busty spy from the neck up only, they don't know what's going on at first. Barbed Wire Dolls; 4. Was it edited out of the version I saw? Done by Ring Divas and Cali sells the part by suffering well. Better you win than no one, right? In its place, we see Ilsa demonstrating the nefarious de vice on a pair of cantaloupes! I can't imagine any sane actress consenting to have her entire weight supported by her thumbs, or even all her fingers. In this version, the entire breast-crushing segment is missing. Any female readers care to demonstrate? As they stood before the governor on a bridge overlooking the Sava River, the captives were given the choice of sacrifice to the idols or death. Not ideal, but at least you'll know what was cut from this scene anyway. Elke Sommer is wearing a bathrobe but she is truly beautiful and does a great job struggling as she is spread out on a Saint Andrew's Cross to have acid dripped on her. Not even for a few seconds. The real Dorothy appeared in only 7 movies before her life was sadly cut short, and this was her only victim role. At the very least, this is why such an unlikely scenario is not depicted in films unless it is faked somehow. Spirits of the Dead the last tale directed by Fellini, "Toby Dammit": A young woman is tied down on an operating table to be vivisected by the title character.
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Filippa. Age: 18yrs. My names brody, i live in northern ca but grew up in the great state of texas! I am a hairdresser by day and playful exhibitionist by night! I grew up with southern manners, was a competitive gymnast my entire life and i secretly love ice cream!

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